About Scooploop

"Empowering Users to Build Safe Online Communities"

Scooploop is a social network that gives control back to the user and lets them decide how they want to use it. All interactions are in customisable loops. Whether you’re joining a fun chat loop, a local community or setting up your own community, you decide what you see. Usability and customisation are at the centre of what we do. View the latest content or prioritise posts made in the local area.

The loop concept allows users to join and leave loops as they please, meaning users are exactly where they should be at all times. The choice is yours.

Scooploop understands that privacy is a concern for our users, which is why a dedicated data security team works hard to make sure customer information is stored safely. No data mining means users can scroll, peacefully knowing their information isn’t being harvested or shared to 3rd party companies.

Scooploop for Business:
Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business there’s a space and an audience on Scooploop. Grow your brand through your business profile, out-reach to the local community, promote your product or service and grow your followers. Join business owner loop communities and chat to other businesses, whether they are local, in the same industry or on the other side of the world.