Promoting Your Business On Scooploop

Tip 1: Be as active as you can! On both the user and business side, the more people who see your name and your brands name, the more likely you will be, to gain new business and network with users.

Tip 2: Make sure that all imagery is clear and professional looking. As mentioned previously in Phase 1, this seems likea really obvious point but there are times when Scooploop will promote your business on social media platforms, with a direct link to your Scooploop business page, and if it does not have good imagery, it will come across unprofessional and messy. So, always have attractive and appealing imagery!

Tip 3: Relevant blog content is key, remember that everything you post needs to be relevant to your business service. It'sa great way to highlight that you knowledgeable about your profession and that people would feel confident that if they were to ask you to do a service, that you would be trusted and do a good job.