Business Verification

If you haven't done so already, you can verify your business through Scooploop. Business owners can apply for verification via their business settings. They will receive a letter with authentication code sent to their registered business address.

Once they have entered this authentication code, the business will be marked as “verified”. Note: Verification will cost a business a one-oH charge of eg.9g. verification also Doosts your Rrofile in search results.

Trust and credibility within business is a key factor to have for your customers. Automatically this helps support your credibility, by having the information ready and available to people to search your businesses, address, company name and document images if they so wish. Just think, if simple information was not available for customers to search for on the internet, it would be very easy for people to quickly assume that your business does not hold the credibility needed for people to want to use your businesses services.