Best Business Practices

Here you will find some of the best practices for a business to implement on their page.

Complete Profile Setup

Ensure your business profile is fully up to date and completed. This includes Profile Picture (500px x 500px). Cover Image (1140px x 300px). Business details (email, phone number, address, and social links). A meaningful description of your business using relevant keywords to help our suggestion engine recommend your business. Business Categories and Business Tags. Business Hours.

Community Guidelines

The advantage of using Scooploop as a business is that as you promote your products and services, you also create a community around your brand. Make sure your community guidelines are clear, and that you stick to them. Leading by example puts you in a place of authority.

Welcome New Members

Make your new followers feel welcome. Send them a private message welcoming them to your business page. Alternatively, you can post a welcome message once a week, to welcome all new followers to your business page.

Interact with Your Community

Interact with comments, engagements and private messages on your business page. Doing so increases overall engagement on your page which increases the chance of a new customer finding your content. Provide support to customers that reach out to you on your business profile.

Let Your Success Speak for Itself

Post and share customer success stories. The voice of a happy customer speaks the loudest. Displaying customer reviews gives new customers something to go off, it helps with decision making.

Diversify Your Content

Diversifying your content types allows you to connect with a wider range of users. You can include links, videos, images, gifs, polls and text.

Consistency and Frequency

Whether you’re posting once a day or once a week it's important that you stay consistent as users will learn to expect content at specific times. This content should provide value so customers come back for more.

Authentic and Exclusive

The best way to get customers coming back is to make authentic high quality exclusive content that users can't get elsewhere. If your Scooploop business page is the only place customers can find your content and they love it, they will come back.

Engage with Scooploop

Engage in other loops and business pages so the community get to know your name, attracting other users to your business page.

Connect with Brands

Connect with at least 5 other businesses. Collaborate and share ideas to grow together.

Tag Others

When relevant, make sure to tag other users profiles to increase exposure and the chance of getting your post shared.

Invite Friends

Invite friends and acquaintances to your business page through our share tool. Sharing your brand page on other social platforms can gain you more followers.

Optimise for Mobile

The majority of our users scroll Scooploop on mobile. You should aim to optimise content such as videos and images for viewing on mobile.

Hashtags and Locations

Where applicable use hashtags (#) and location tags on posts to make your post discoverable in the explore page. Don't over do it with the hashtags, 2 or 3 per post will do the trick.

Use Data

Use your pages insights to get a better understanding of your audience members. From here you can optimise content and promotions accordingly.

Avoid All Caps

Avoid writing post copy (text) in all caps. This aggressive method of communication can come across as spammy and have the opposite effect.

Images Without Text

Avoid using images cluttered with text. A clear high-quality image of what you're promoting is sufficient.


Try and keep videos under 15 seconds for a more concise story, to retain audience attention. Try adding captions to any videos with dialogue for users viewing in silent mode.