Business Approval Guidelines

At Scooploop we endeavour to create a safe platform for all our users. For this reason, we prohibit the sale and promotion of any product or service that may compromise the safety of our users both online and offline. Businesses who wish to be featured on Scooploop must follow the guidelines bellow which articulate what organisations cannot promote or sell.

Prohibited practices

Counterfeit Goods

Businesses are banned from selling or promoting the sale of counterfeit goods on Scooploop as this is illegal. This includes goods that contain a trademark or logo that is identical to or substantially indistinguishable from the trademark of another brand, in an attempt to deceive users that it is the genuine product.

Dangerous products or services

It is important for our users to feel safe while utilising our platform, therefore, we do not allow the sale or promotion of some products or services that could cause damage, harm or injury online or offline. This includes, but not limited to: Recreational drugs (chemical or herbal); weapons, explosives, fireworks; instructions for making explosives or other harmful products; tobacco products; psychoactive substances; equipment to facilitate drug use.

Inappropriate content

We want all our users to feel respected and comfortable, so it is important that offensive languages or behaviour is not exhibited by businesses whilst connecting on Scooploop, as a result, we do not allow businesses to advertise shocking content, prejudice, hatred, intolerance, discrimination or violence. Offensive and/or inappropriate content could be illtreated through; bullying or intimidation of an individual or group, racial discrimination, graphic crime scene or accident images, cruelty to animals, murder, self-harm, extortion or blackmail, sale or trade of endangered species, ads using profane language. hate group paraphernalia.

Enabling dishonest behaviour

The promotion or sale of products or services that are designed to enable dishonest behaviour is forbidden. Examples of products or services that enable dishonest behaviour: Hacking software or instructions; services designed to artificially inflate ad or website traffic; fake documents; academic cheating services.


At Scooploop, we value honesty. Users should be able to make informed decisions based on the information provided by your business. Adverts should be clear and truthful; it should plainly provide relevant information that users need to make knowledgeable decisions. Misleading or deceptive information about business, product or services would not be allowed. Examples of misrepresentation: neglecting to clearly state billing details such as how, what and when users will be charged; failing to provide or obscuring charges associated with financial services such as interest rates, penalties and fees; advertising products and offers that are not actually available. Falsely advertising or exaggerating the effectiveness of a product or service such as financial gain;

Restricted content

Gambling and games - We abide by local gambling laws and industry standards, subsequently, we don’t promote or feature businesses who promote gambling-related content.

Healthcare and medicines - Businesses which provide healthcare advice or medicines cannot be promoted or featured on Scooploop.

Financial services - It is imperative that individuals make informed finical decisions. Businesses on Scooploop which offer finical product or services must provide adequate information so users are protected from dishonest or harmful practises, because of this, we only consider businesses which provide financial advice or relate to the management or investment of money and cryptocurrencies promote financial products and services. Businesses offering financial products and services must comply with UK regulations Legal requirements

Businesses who are featured on Scooploop are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and Scooploop advertising requirements.

Other restricted businesses

We endeavour to prevent the exploitation of our users; certain businesses may be prevented form Scooploop if we receive continuous reviews and feedbacks from users informing us that a business is misusing the platform. If a business is likely to cause an unreasonable risk to user safety or user experience, then we may take a conservative position and limit or stop related content from running.